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Three for the Show: Shortstops

This is the fourth (not even halfway yet) in a ten-part series where I will identify the top three players at each position in the Padres’ minor league system. Up next: Shortstop. Finding MLB potential at shortstop is not an easy proposition in the Padres’ minor league system. There are guys who can hit and […]Full Article

Daily Friar 8.6.12

I love it when the Padres are banging on all cylinders, don’t you? It makes for exciting baseball to watch and to know that this team can actually score ...Full Article

Tucson Padre Player Profile Beamer Weems

Shortstop William ThomasFull Article

What Do I Think of Retro Night at Petco? WHAMMY!!!!!

Oh yes, the angelic words of Champ Kind bring me back to the glory days of 1978. I remember them well as a newborn infant born in this month ...Full Article

Padres Splits Short Series In Nation’s Capital.

After losing in a disheartening fashion in game one, the Padres bounced back with a strong performance by Anthony Bass to take game two against the Nationals. The Padres ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.1.12

The Padres were up to their normal antics last night. Terrible defense and lackluster offense once again. For example, runners on 2nd and 3rd nobody out and no one ...Full Article