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Bring Back the Brown

Padres Unveil 2015 Promos; “Retro” Wednesdays

Earlier this week the Padres unveiled their 2015 Promotional schedule – you know promos. The cool stuff you get in addition to going to watch a great game downtown? As if the new and improved Power Packed Padres wasn’t enough to draw you down to beautiful Petco Park, you now have a bunch of cool […]Full Article

If I ran the Padres – I

I will never have the $1,000,000,000 it would take to purchase my beloved baseball team. However, if the Padres ownership group ever decided to ask a fan of 30 ...Full Article

Cold Call and Collected: Padres Preview 2014

General Manager Josh Byrnes has been a very busy man lately, making deals and moving players as he sees fit to build Padres success. With the acquisitions of Johnson, ...Full Article