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Analyzing the Quentin Addition, Part II: The Extension

Yesterday we examined the trade for OF Carlos Quentin and whether or not the Friars received good value. After determining the trade was a good one for the Padres, it’s time to analyze the extension and try to project if the Padres will end up with surplus value for their investment. The simplest way to […]Full Article

Analyzing the Quentin Addition, Part I: The Trade

It’s probably a bit early to objectively assess the performance of Friars GM Josh Byrnes to this point in his tenure. After all, he didn’t join the franchise until ...Full Article

Is Gordan Beckham a Good Fit for the Padres?

As I was going throw the old achives of, I noticed a story I wrote before the 2010 season about the White Sox using Gordan Beckham as the ...Full Article