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Cory Burns

Daily Friar 8.5.12

Everybody is going to have their bad day. As good as Edinson Volquez has been for the Padres as of late, he had one of those bad days last night. We know that he can be a wild pitcher at times. We saw it early in the season, especially on opening day, and the old […]Full Article

Daily Friar 8.3.12

Remember how last month the Padres were giving teams one game out of the series, and then stomping on them for the rest of it? Well the Reds have ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.27.12

ItFull Article

Daily Friar 2.23.12

I remember when I was younger having dreams of being a major league baseball player. Let’s face it I think a lot of young kids have that aspiration growing ...Full Article

Daily Friar 12.21.11

Full Article

Daily Friar 12.17.11

Full Article