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Dave Winfield

The Upton Question

Hey, how did that elephant get into the room? 2015 is pretty close to becoming the mind-numbing disaster it appears to be headed toward.  It is time to deal with the question looming over everything the Padres do between now and opening day 2016. Among the players still under team control after the last game […]Full Article

Pick Your All-Time Padres Team

Inspired by Drew Silva, we decided to put together a fun exercise.  You get $30 to spend and you can pick your all-time Padres team! h/t to Richard Dorsha ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.1.13

Well wasn’t that just fun last night/this morning? The Padres and Blue Jays went the distance as it took 17 innings to complete the game. The good news is ...Full Article

Daily Friar 1.21.13

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is upon us once again. Every year we are reminded of the courage and tenacity that helped drive the Civil Rights Movement, and gave ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.20.12

Another day, another loss for the Padres. At this rate we will be lucky to have 20 wins at the All-Star break. I hate to bash my own team, ...Full Article

Trevor Hoffman Retirement Links

Sunday August 21, 2011 will be remembered as a historic day in the Padres franchise.  Along with 40,000 passionate Padres fans, I cheered on the ceremony at Petco Park ...Full Article