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Daily Friar 4.25.12

The Padres couldn’t extend their 2 game winning streak to 3 last night. After a pitchers duel between Clayton Richard and Gio Gonzalez ended in Richard throwing one too many pitches. The homplate umpire was of no help last night either. Calling a balk on Richard that the first base umpire didn’t even call. Then […]Full Article

Daily Friar 2.28.12

I have been looking forward to March for a while now. There is a lot going on that get’s me excited to turn the page on my calendar. However, ...Full Article

Where are the 2010 Padres Now?

The 2010 Padres did an amazing job winning 90 games.  They were able to catch the interest of the city and for the first time since the 2006 season ...Full Article

Padres offer arbitration to three players


The Bobleheads of Death

I’m sure you have discussed this before, I know you have thought it. At the beginning of the year we were all upset because Adrian Gonzalez did not have ...Full Article

Ok David, where do we go from here?

{jcomments on}From World Series games to the cellar of the league, David Eckstein has seen it all in his career.  But with his production declining and his age increasing, ...Full Article