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Dustin Moseley

Daily Friar 12.29.12

I am going to take a thought and try and drive down a road and see where it leads, follow along won’t you? Baseball is all about windows. Players have a window of opportunity most of the time, and stats are looked at through a certain window. Think about it, during the regular season you […]Full Article

Daily Friar 10.8.12

A full fleged day of sports yesterday is just what the doctor ordered. Football mixed in with playoff baseball, does it get any better? Being that it was the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.10.12

The Padres couldn’t complete the sweep yesterday against the Rockies. Yeah it was a game we should have won, but at least we took the series. The off day ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.26.12

You know you’re having a bad offensive game when one of the two runs comes off an Orlando Hudson homerun. It’s interesting, ever since rumors were spreading that Hudson ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.20.12

Another day, another loss for the Padres. At this rate we will be lucky to have 20 wins at the All-Star break. I hate to bash my own team, ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.11.12

Oh the woes of being a Padres fan. Just when you think the team is still in a game and can do something with their offense they throw it ...Full Article