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Padres, Gyorko Agree to 5-year, $35M Contract

When you’ve got a star rookie player that you like, you lock them down with a nice, healthy contract and keep them in the organization, right? For the Padres, that hasn’t always been the case but today’s a different story. It was announced today that the Padres have agreed to a 5-year contract extension with […]Full Article

Messin’ with Upton: Fans Steals a Ball and Lives to Tell About It

For those of you watching the Padres game last night you may have seen a Padres fan steal a ball away from Justin Upton.Full Article

Padres Play On Despite Lack of National Attention

Do you know who is the best team in Major League Baseball that no one hears about? Our own San Diego Padres. With the top pitching staff in all ...Full Article