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Jason Bartlett

Daily Friar 5.18.12

A flurry of roster moves yesterday ended in nothing but a whimper from the Padres offense. You can read all about the moves below, but I’ll give one spoiler: Orlando Hudson is no longer a Padre. It’s what everybody wanted and it finally happened. All the moves were in place prior to the release and […]Full Article

Daily Friar 5.14.12

Once again the Padres had a chance to take a series during the rubber game. And once again the team failed to do so. Also, stop me if you’ve ...Full Article

The 2012 San Diego Padres: Epitome of Boring Baseball

In past years the Padres have been accused of playingFull Article

Daily Friar 5.12.12

I’m going to start this out by saying that I hate Phillies fans. There’s no way around it, they are obnoxious and annoying. That being said, the Phillies fan ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.6.12

Good morning all! Hope you are all doing well after one of our many national days to drink. Here’s to hoping your hangover isn’t that bad. The Padres finish ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.4.12

The Padres had an off day yesterday, but that didn’t meant they stayed quiet. The trade market was all a buzz yesterday as the Padres made a move with ...Full Article