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Jason Bartlett

Daily Friar 2.1.12

Happy February to you all! There is a lot to look forward to this month when it comes to baseball. Pitchers and Catchers report very soon (18 days) which means spring training is about to start. Also on the 11th is FanFest, which will be a lot of fun for all the fans. I went […]Full Article

Daily Friar 1.2.12

There has been a lot of speculating going on as to what the Padres will do next with the team. They have an abundance of outfielders as well as ...Full Article

Daily Friar 12.23.11

Full Article

Daily Friar 12.5.11

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Daily Friar 11.20.11

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Daily Friar 11.19.11

The time has come for the 40 man rosters to be set. The rule 5 draft is right around the corner which means top prospects from around the league ...Full Article