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Jason Hagerty

Tucson Padres ’13 Week 2: April 15-21

Sorry about the late posts, the final weeks of this semester has been a hectic one, as I assume most of you probably know, but here are the past couple weeks of posts and I promise to be on time from now on. The Tucson Padres finished off its second week of the season going […]Full Article

Three for the Show: Catchers

This is the first in a 10-part series where I will identify the top three players at each position in the Padres’ minor league system. Up first: Catchers. The ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.3.12

The unpredictability of Coors Field continued yesterday. You never know who is going to win a game in that place. A deep fly ball that would be a routine ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.12.12

This is the doldrums of the season. That couple of days after the All Star break where the Padres aren’t playing baseball, and are waiting for the “second half” ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.15.12

The Padres had a very good outing yesterday as both squads one their games. But as we get closer to the beginning of the season reality comes into check. ...Full Article

13 Overlooked Padres Prospects You Should Watch in 2012

With all the buzz about the Padres farm system this year, I realized that some really good players were being glossed over.Full Article