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Jeff Moorad

John Moores Intends to Sell the Padres…Again

Ownership stability remains an elusive concept for the San Diego Padres asFull Article

Daily Friar 4.7.12

I don’t even know where to begin. With last night’s horrendous game one has to be a little concerned for this team. Yes it was only game 2 of ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.28.12

Hey guess what? The Padres won again yesterday! This is becoming a common occurence in spring. Of course this means absolutely nothing (as Corey Brock argues in one of ...Full Article

A Mid-Spring Night

Have you ever had one of those dreams where youFull Article

Daily Friar 3.23.12

Finally the trip that has been in the works for months now is upon us! I will be leaving very soon to head out to Peoria to catch the ...Full Article

Jeff Moorad Steps Down as Padres CEO

Just moments ago, reported on on MLB Trade Rumors, the Padres have announced that Jeff Moorad will step down as the team’s CEO. You will recall that Moorad withdrew ...Full Article