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Jeff Suppan

Daily Friar 6.27.12

The problem I’ve been having with the pitching staff this year, besides the fact that it’s a revolving door, is that they have a hard time getting out of unnecessary jams. Case in point last night, Kip Wells throws the ball away during a possible double play chance. Instead of locking down and getting the […]Full Article

Daily Friar 6.20.12

When the Rangers were rolling into town I knew it wasn’t going to be easy grabbing a win. Although the first game of the series we almost did give ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.6.12

I’m going on record to say that last night’s game was the best of the season so far. Carlos Quentin was tearing it up and was only overshadowed by ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.2.12

Two pieces of business we need to address. First off, we won! After a dismal road trip, the Padres returned home to put a hurtin’ on the Diamondbacks. We ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.19.12

The Padres are stuck in a rut right now. And I think that is putting it lightly. The last two games have been utter blow outs. Not to mention ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.14.12

Once again the Padres had a chance to take a series during the rubber game. And once again the team failed to do so. Also, stop me if you’ve ...Full Article