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Daily Friar 5.2.12

In recent history May has been a pretty decent month for the Padres. Most of the May months in the past few years have given the team a winning reacord. I’m not necessarily that will be the case this season, but they are on the right foot. They won last night in the first game […]Full Article

Tekotte gets the call

Outfielder Blake Tekotte joined the San Diego Padres yesterday, his third stint with the team since last season. The Padres sent OF Jeremy Hermida to the 15-day DL with ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.4.12

The Padres made it back to the home turf last night to take on the Royals. The final score just goes to show how much different Petco is from ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.21.12

It was a big day for the Padres yesterday. A contract got extended, and the team pulled out a win last night. This team has been looking pretty good ...Full Article

No time like the present

Kyle Blanks strikes me as a pretty subdued guy. IFull Article

Daily Friar 3.2.12

Happy Friday everybody! Who’s ready for some live Padres baseball? I know I am and have been for quite some time. The wait is almost over, as Sunday quickly ...Full Article