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Daily Friar 5.15.12

Stop me if I have said this before: The Padres lost again last night. The offense picked it up, but it was the pitching that failed them this time. More offense is what we’re supposed to look forward to when we hit the road. And last night with 5 runs the offense was there. But […]Full Article

Daily Friar 4.12.12

The Padres won for the second time this season yesteday. The pitching was stellar, but the offense (as usual) was not. As a team they are batting under .200. ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.11.12

Oh the woes of being a Padres fan. Just when you think the team is still in a game and can do something with their offense they throw it ...Full Article

John Moores Intends to Sell the Padres…Again

Ownership stability remains an elusive concept for the San Diego Padres asFull Article

Daily Friar 4.9.12

The Padres finally got in the win column yesterday. Andy Parrino had a huge game in his first start of the season, and Chase Headley came through with the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.7.12

I don’t even know where to begin. With last night’s horrendous game one has to be a little concerned for this team. Yes it was only game 2 of ...Full Article