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Jorge Reyes

Cody Decker Presents: “On Jeff Ears”

Most of us who have played some kind of sport are familiar with hazing new teammates. It’s typically a one-shot gig: telling them the new guy has to fill the water cooler, or saying that new players have to rake the infield, or even pretending that tomorrow’s game has been moved to some other day. […]Full Article

Daily Friar 9.1.13

A day after the Dodgers shelled the Padres, they decided to put up more of a fight this time. Unfortunately they were unable to grab the win in the ...Full Article

Tucson Padres Week #12: June 24-30

The Tucson Padres finished off its 12th week of play going 5-2 on the week, winning two games against the Reno Aces and taking three of five from the ...Full Article

Tucson Padres ’13 Week 2: April 15-21

Sorry about the late posts, the final weeks of this semester has been a hectic one, as I assume most of you probably know, but here are the past ...Full Article

Tucson Padres Week #17 July 23-29

The 17th week of play saw the Tucson Padres went 4-4 on the week in which they played eight games due to a double header, that was to be ...Full Article

Tucson Padres Week #7 May 14-20

The Tucson Padres finished off the seventh week winning two of its six games played. They started the week on the road against the Oklahoma City RedHawks, where the ...Full Article