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Jose Reyes

Stanton is a Go

I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about Giancarlo Stanton being connected to the Padres…honestly, I am too. There’s been talk about them possibly being interested in him for the past year or so, but nothing has been close. Many teams would love to slide Stanton into the heart of their line-up, and […]Full Article

“Y’s Guys” Homecoming Diminished as Padres Lose Series.

Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal returned to Miami where they both starred in South Florida atFull Article

Q and A with Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue

With the Mets coming into town, I reached out to Eric Simon of the popular Mets blog Amazin’ Avenue (@AmazinAvenue).  He answered questions for me regarding the rumors about ...Full Article