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Don’t Mind Me, I’m Having An Off-Day.

No really it screws me up. As much as our beloved warriors of the ball field deserve the rest, what are we going to do with our evenings? Spend time with our families? I guess so if youFull Article

Daily Friar 3.16.12

It’s a little distracting to be writing this and having the NCAA tournament on at the same time. So apologies for maybe not keeping a coherent thought in this ...Full Article

Daily Friar 2.16.12

Good to hear that Tony Gwynn had succesful surgery yesterday on the cancer in his mouth. This city would have been distraught if cancer had taken the greatest player ...Full Article

Byrnes Executing the Plan

Newly appointed Padres GM Josh Byrnes has been a busy bee so far this winter. Since assuming the leadership mantle from his predecessor, Jed Hoyer, Byrnes has: Traded Mat ...Full Article

Daily Friar 1.20.12

Full Article

Live Padres Chat with Tom Krasovic

We are excited to announce a live Padres chat with Tom Krasovic this Thursday on Many of you know Tom from his time covering the Padres and Chargers ...Full Article