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Josh Geer

Daily Farm Round-Up: 6-15-14

The Chihuahuas were the only team in the organization to get a W today. They benefited from a strong start from Donn Roach and the continued solid play of Brooks Conrad.   Hitting Prospect of the Day: Donn Roach/Josh Geer Pitching Prospect of the Day: Brooks Conrad   El Paso Chihuahuas 5, Round Rock Express […]Full Article

Daily Farm Round-Up: 6-4-14

The Storm pulled off a 5-run comeback and managed to beat the Nuts 9-7 in 13 innings. On the other hand, the Missions endured a shutout.   Hitting Prospect ...Full Article

Daily Farm Round-Up: 4-26-14

Both the Missions and the Chihuahuas wasted excellent performances by their starting pitchers due to their lack of offense. The Storm were the lone team in the Padres organization ...Full Article

Daily Farm Round-Up: 4-15-14

The Storm and the TinCaps were victorious due to strong offensive performances from Hunter Renfroe and Fernando Perez, respectively. The Missions were shutout while Keyvius Sampson put the Chihuahuas ...Full Article

Daily Farm Round-Up: 9-15-13

The Missions won the championship! After losing the 2nd and 3rd game of the championship series, the Missions played their best baseball when it counted and walked away from ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.9.13

The Colorado Rockies have been a thorn in the Padres’ side all season long, but they were able to exact some revenge over the weekend. Coming off a winning ...Full Article