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Josh Spence

Daily Friar 12.15.12

While other teams are out there getting the man or men that they want to come to their team, the Padres are sitting back and watching things unfold. There wasn’t even so much as a whimper from the team minus the fact that they are looking for a couple of pieces. Now we are starting […]Full Article

Daily Friar 9.2.12

I guess if youFull Article

Daily Friar 8.25.12

One of my biggest fears coming into this Arizona series was whether or not the pitching would be able to do its job. Well, if Eric Stults’ performance is ...Full Article

BEAT L.A.!!! BEAT L.A.!!!

No Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, & co., IFull Article

Daily Friar 2.22.12

The nice thing about spring training being here is that you begin to really get to know the new players that have joined the team. On twitter you can ...Full Article

Daily Friar 2.12.12

I hope that you all enjoyed FanFest yesterday as much as I did. I didn’t expect to be there all day, but that wound up being the case. I ...Full Article