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Justin Miller

Three for the Show: Right Fielders

This is the eighth (is this thing still going?!) in a ten-part series where I will identify the top three players at each position in the Padres’ minor league system. Up next: Right Field. Please excuse any typos that may occur in this article, as teardrops are continuously falling into my keyboard as I type […]Full Article

Daily Friar 10.1.12

And that concludes Padres home games for 2012. It would have been nice to end the homestand on a high note, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.31.12

The best team in baseball right now got a break from the game yesterday. Now they roll into Denver to take on the lowly Colorado Rockies. We have all ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.23.12

The Padres are the best team in baseball. Seriously go look it up, it’s a proven fact. Alright, maybe that’s not entirely true, but they sure are taking the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.10.12

Padres off days are always long. I personally don’t watch a lot of TV to begin with, but when I do it’s usually because the Padres are playing. When ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.9.12

If only these Padres were playing the same way at the beginning of the season, then we could be looking at a potential playoff run. Unfortunately though, they dug ...Full Article