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justin Upton

Daily Friar 1.7.13

Here we are at yet another Monday. For many it means back to school and work after the holidays, so back to the grind we go. For the Padres it is one more day to getting the season started. I am actually writing this from my hotel room in Arizona. I am out here visiting […]Full Article

Analyzing Hypothetical Headly for Upton Trade

Yesterday we learned that at some point in July the Padres and Diamondbacks at least discussed the possibility of a trade involving Chase Headley and Justin Upton. Those discussions ...Full Article

Daily Friar 1.6.13

After a very quiet offseason so far, one had to begin to wonder if anyone was alive in the front office at all. However, yesterday we saw some semblance ...Full Article

Messin’ with Upton: Fans Steals a Ball and Lives to Tell About It

For those of you watching the Padres game last night you may have seen a Padres fan steal a ball away from Justin Upton.Full Article

Q and A with Jim of

With the Padres in Arizona this weekend, I hit up Jim of to find out the latest with the leaders in the NL West. Going into the series ...Full Article
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