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Matt Antonelli

Daily Friar 1.3.12

I won’t try to take too much space up here as there is a lot to get to in the links below. As many of you saw yesterday with the picture that was posted on the Facebook page, the fences at Petco are coming along nicely. Like many of you I have only seen what […]Full Article

Daily Friar 11.20.11

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Portland Beavers Roster Announced

The Padres AAA Affiliate, the Portland Beavers have released their opening day roster.Full Article

Has the savior finally arrived?

Chase Headley is affectionately referred to as the savior by Padre fans.Full Article

Matt Antonelli on

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Ok David, where do we go from here?

{jcomments on}From World Series games to the cellar of the league, David Eckstein has seen it all in his career.  But with his production declining and his age increasing, ...Full Article