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Matt Clark

2012 Tucson Padres Roster

With baseball about to kickoff at the major league and minor league levels we have the most up to date roster information for you. The roster is still subject to change, but here is a look at the roster for the 2012 Tucson PadresNote: It appears Brad Brach may be heading back to San Diego.  […]Full Article

Daily Friar 4.5.12

It’s opening day! The promise land is here at long last. 162 games of Padres baseball is here starting now. If you didn’t hear the news from the Friarhood ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.3.12

The Padres have two days to make 5 more cuts to the team to make it down to the 25 man roster that is required for major league teams. ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.27.12

The Padres couldn’t continue their winning ways yesterday as they dropped the game against the Cubs 2-0. This looks like a familiar game from last season. Starting pitcher does ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.25.12

Today is the final day of the weekend trip out here in Peoria. So far it has been a blast with a win Friday night, a loss yesterday, and ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.17.12

Interesting day yesterday in the NCAA tournament. A number 2 seed had not lost to a 15 seed in 11 years. Yet yesterday two number 2 seeds went down ...Full Article