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Matt Jackson

Daily Friar 7.5.13

After losing three of four games in Miami, it was time for the Padres to head to Boston for a three game set. I knew it was going to be hard to go up against the best team in the American League, but I didn’t realize that the team would put up no fight whatsoever. […]Full Article

Daily Farm Round-Up: 6-12-13

The TinCaps and the Missions played very similar games today. Both teams committed 3 errors, both teams had anemic offenses, and both teams were blown out. In stark contrast, ...Full Article

Daily Friar 5.29.13

I don’t know who was on the mound last night, but I am pretty sure that wasn’t Edinson Volquez. It couldn’t have been right? The guy on the mound ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.29.13

When the Padres swept the Dodgers they surprised many people. A team that had only won two games prior to that was able to go into Dodger Stadium and ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.21.12

If only the Padres could play the Pirates all season. No matter how good or bad these teams are from season to season, the Padres seem to dominate them. ...Full Article

Daily Friar 4.19.12

I apologize in advance if the quality of this is lacking today. I am writing it way earlier than I normally do today because I am seeing the Dalai ...Full Article