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The Padres Are Happy?

It was a particularly slow day at the office and I was perusing Twitter and I happen to come across this tweet by Tom Krasovic (@UTkrasovic): In the non-brawl category of #Padres news, the team’s new owners are mighty impressed by GM Josh Byrnes. I made some remark showing my displeasure with regards to […]Full Article

Five Good Things from Opening Home Series: From pageantry and unconventional coaching to a full scale brawl, this week's series had it all.

Tell me you were not entertained. As disappointing as it was that we dropped the series to the hated Dodgers, I had not had more fun watching baseball in ...Full Article

Don’t Panic, It’s Opening Day!

Well the first week of the 2013 baseball season has come to a close and oooh boy has it not been pretty for the Padres. The Padres hitting the ...Full Article

Five Good Things: The Mile High Five Five diamonds in a very rough end to opening road trip.

As the Padres left Colorado after three straight losses and a 1-5 record, some might say it is hard to find any positives from a very disappointing road trip ...Full Article

Five Good Things, Opening Series Edition

Hey there everybody! I’m back and boy am I excited for a new season. After a virtual non-existent offseason topped with suspensions, hunting accidents, and baseball related injuries, there ...Full Article

Padres Release Freddy Garcia

Today the Padres have released Freddy Garcia. Josh Byrnes signed Garcia to a minor league contract and Spring Training invite with hopes that he could be a veteran presence ...Full Article