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Don’t Mind Me, I’m Having An Off-Day.

No really it screws me up. As much as our beloved warriors of the ball field deserve the rest, what are we going to do with our evenings? Spend time with our families? I guess so if youFull Article

Like Reed Richards Before Me, I Will Travel To…The Negative Zone.

Since my sickening optimism has wielded me nothing but heartache, I shall go opposite of my cheery self and venture into the other side. Burdened by the realities and ...Full Article

Rubber Game Has Me Bouncing Off the Walls!

The Padres are venturing into the unfamiliar territory here today. They have the chance to potentially win a series tonight, and against the defending NL West champs, nonetheless. Anthony ...Full Article

Opening Day Insanity: Why the Padres Will Win It All In 2012

So here we are one day away from my favorite day of the year, Opening Day for the San Diego Padres. Every year I find my self scouring over ...Full Article

2012 Friarhood Events Page

We are more than a website, we are a community.  Bringing together Padres fans from around the country with events and viewing parties.  Keep up to date with our ...Full Article

How Do We Know Lefties Can’t Hit in Petco?

I’ve been hearing plenty of “experts” say that Petco doesn’t play well for left-handed power hitting pull hitters.Full Article