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Ross Ohlendorf

Daily Friar 1.11.13

How are your new years resolutions coming along? Are they still going strong eleven days in? I’m not sure if the Padres front office made any resolutions this year, but if they did I’m sure it’s been broken already. Actually, I’m not even sure there is a front office with how quiet it has been. […]Full Article

Daily Friar 10.11.12

What an exciting night for baseball fans. It’s not too often you get two walkoff wins in one night, when there are only four games being played. This year ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.8.12

Chase Headley is the savior of this team. I know I’m stating obvious facts here, but he is just on a tear right now in the latter half of ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.5.12

The last thing you want to do after going into extra innings one night is to do it all over again the next. However, if that were to happen ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.3.12

The unpredictability of Coors Field continued yesterday. You never know who is going to win a game in that place. A deep fly ball that would be a routine ...Full Article

Tucson Padres Week #21 August 20-26

The Tucson Padres had a good week for one of its final weeks of the season. In week #21 the T-Pads won four of the seven games they played. ...Full Article