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Messin’ with Upton: Fans Steals a Ball and Lives to Tell About It

For those of you watching the Padres game last night you may have seen a Padres fan steal a ball away from Justin Upton.Full Article

Friarhood Radio Recap – Interview with Jason McLeod

If you missed the most recent episode of Friarhood Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 here is a short recap with link to the podcast. Topics: Interview with Padres VP/Asst. ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio Live Chat 4/16/11

Friarhood Radio welcomes Mark Grant to the show this week. As always I will be talking all things Padres baseball from 9am-10am Saturday. You can listen to show three ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio Joins the Lineup on XTRA Sports 1360AM

Friarhood Radio Joins the Lineup on XTRA Sports 1360AMFull Article

Friarhood Radio with Chase Headley

In case you didn’t know we have a Friarhood radio show dedicated to Padres baseball.  In the last couple weeks we have had interviews with the likes of…Chase Headley, ...Full Article

Interview with Padres announcer Mark Grant

Full Article