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Tom Garfinkel

Daily Friar 6.5.12

Yesterday was the first day of the 2012 first player draft. Of course the one guy that the Padres were looking at grabbing went a little earlier than they expected. When I say a little earlier I mean going at number 1. The Astros picked Carlos Correa as the number one overall pick this year. […]Full Article

Daily Friar 5.26.12

I knew this was going to happen, the Padres couldn’t score last night. After putting 11 runs on the board Thursday night, they were only able to put up ...Full Article

Jeff Moorad Steps Down as Padres CEO

Just moments ago, reported on on MLB Trade Rumors, the Padres have announced that Jeff Moorad will step down as the team’s CEO. You will recall that Moorad withdrew ...Full Article

Daily Friar 2.15.12

As most of you probably know by now Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn, had to go under the knife again for the cancer that has attacked his mouth. Let’s all ...Full Article

Daily Friar 2.12.12

I hope that you all enjoyed FanFest yesterday as much as I did. I didn’t expect to be there all day, but that wound up being the case. I ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio FanFest Recap – Garfinkel, Black and more.

Friarhood Radio was on location today during Padres FanFest.Full Article