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Tommy Medica

Daily Farm Round-Up: 4-7-13

If you do not include the T-Pads, the entire San Diego organization scored 6 runs today; the Colorado Rockies alone scored 9. It was extremely challenging deciding a hitting prospect of the day; the Missions, Storm and TinCaps combined for 16 hits while the primary producers on the T-Pads have long since lost their prospect […]Full Article

Daily Friar 10.2.12

Last night’s game was interesting to say the least. Clayton Richard looked pretty decent on the mound, minus the home runs he gave up. But they are playing in ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.27.12

Seven wins in a row! The Padres are the best team in baseball right now. I don’t care about records at this point, I look at the winning streak ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.23.12

The Padres are the best team in baseball. Seriously go look it up, it’s a proven fact. Alright, maybe that’s not entirely true, but they sure are taking the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.9.12

If only these Padres were playing the same way at the beginning of the season, then we could be looking at a potential playoff run. Unfortunately though, they dug ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.1.12

We have survived another trade deadline. Compared to last season this one was pretty tame. Not a huge amount of big names were traded, although the Phillies did send ...Full Article