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Tony Gwynn

Mr. Padre: I Want To Be Like Tony

I have a confession to make. Much to my detriment, I’m not a native San Diegan. A lot of my friends already know that, but those who aren’t close to me seem to be convinced that I am. It’s an easy mistake to make: I love the city, I write about the city’s baseball team, […]Full Article

New Digital Drawing: The Four Tops

I had been working on this particular sketch a couple hours at a time the last few weeks. I looked for a reference that showed Tony Fernandez, Tony Gwynn, ...Full Article

Padres Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore is not a collection of the United States’ best Presidents.  While it is possible they are the 4 best, that is not the point.  They were chosen ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.1.13

Well wasn’t that just fun last night/this morning? The Padres and Blue Jays went the distance as it took 17 innings to complete the game. The good news is ...Full Article

#VedderCup Promo Art: Natural Rivals

I drew this latest one while watching Monday’s game. Since the rivalry existed I thought I’d use two characters that played in it’s infancy in 1997. It’s nice that ...Full Article

Daily Friar 1.21.13

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is upon us once again. Every year we are reminded of the courage and tenacity that helped drive the Civil Rights Movement, and gave ...Full Article