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Daily Friar 10.23.12

The Padres finally made an offseason splash in the announcement of changes to the outfield fences. It has been a topic of debate since Petco’s first season, and it has finally come to pass in the form of moving the fences closer to home plate. Most people are saying “finally” while others are questioning the […]Full Article

Daily Friar 7.18.12

It’s always easier to write this after the Padres win. Which is exactly what they did last night after beating up on the Astros. It appears that the Padres ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.2.12

Don’t look now, but the Padres are winning series again. They haven’t lost a series since the Texas Rangers series. That only makes sense seeing as they are the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.27.12

The problem I’ve been having with the pitching staff this year, besides the fact that it’s a revolving door, is that they have a hard time getting out of ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.9.12

So I was wrong about the Padres “winning formula” I mentioned yesterday. They were supposed to win last night, but failed to do so. Of course it doesn’t help ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.2.12

Two pieces of business we need to address. First off, we won! After a dismal road trip, the Padres returned home to put a hurtin’ on the Diamondbacks. We ...Full Article