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Vedder Cup

Five Good Things: #VedderCup Edition

As a San Diego sports fan that doesn’t let much bother me, it really takes only two things to put a smile on my face. One is our Chargers beating the Raiders twice a year. The other is winning the Vedder Cup. And the Padres did just that in a four game home on home […]Full Article

#VedderCup Promo Art: Natural Rivals

I drew this latest one while watching Monday’s game. Since the rivalry existed I thought I’d use two characters that played in it’s infancy in 1997. It’s nice that ...Full Article

Happy #VedderCup! New promo art by Jeremy Nash

Today’s the day, boys and girls! The Padres kick off a four game home on home series against the hated Mariners today to defend the title of the coveted ...Full Article

New #VedderCup Art by Jeremy Nash: The Return

Drew this in anticipation of Wednesday’s game. Not only is it the first home game for the Padres of this years Vedder Cup, but marks the return of suspended ...Full Article

Don’t Fight This Rivalry, Baby; It’s Natural.

The Padres need just one win out of the next three games with theirFull Article

Vedder Cup!!! Vedder Cup!!! Vedder Cup!!!

The Padres are a whopping 19 games out of first place and 21 games below .500. One would say this season is lost and there would be nothing to ...Full Article