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Yasmani Grandal

Daily Friar 8.26.12

How does it feel to be a fan of one of the hottest teams in baseball right now? I for one love what the Padres have been doing of late on the field, they are executing on offense and the pitching has been superb. Like I said yesterday, one of my biggest fears was that […]Full Article

Daily Friar 8.18.12

The website is back up finally. Let’s fill you in as to what has happened while the site has been down. The owners have voted and Ron Fowler and ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.5.12

Everybody is going to have their bad day. As good as Edinson Volquez has been for the Padres as of late, he had one of those bad days last ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.31.12

I knew this Padres team was good enough to play spoiler! Okay so yesterday’s win wasn’t enough to make a dent in the standings, but we did end a ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.30.12

One day left till the non-waiver trade deadline. So many grumblings are happening about all sorts of players, and I expect to see a lot of moves to go ...Full Article

Daily Friar 7.28.12

With three days to go to the trade deadline, talks and murmurs just keep getting louder and louder. These last few days are going to be pretty exciting to ...Full Article