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Ten Great Baseball Ballparks 

A quick list of ten ballparks around baseball.  Which ones are your favorites?

Petco Park

This year the Padres celebrate a decade at Petco Park; 17-year old Brent Walker was at the front of the queue for the first regular season game on April 8, 2004. In this post we’ll celebrate 10 years on Tony Gwynn Drive with a look at 10 of the best ballparks in the country, starting – of course – with Petco Park…

Built to a more modern design than many parks, fans get a great view of the city. There’s free Wi-Fi at the park, as you’d expect at such a modern facility, so Padres fans can keep up with MLB and other sports news at sites such as betting sports blog.

Fenway Park

Home to the Red Sox for 102 years, the “Cathedral Of Boston” is famous for many reasons, but try and sit in the “lone red seat” if you get to visit. It’s the spot where Fenway’s longest home run connected with the head of an unfortunate spectator in 1946.

Coors Field

Talking of seat color, if yours is purple at the Colorado Rockies park in Denver, you’re exactly one mile above sea level!

Camden Yards

This retro-design park, home to Baltimore’s finest since 1992, features a number of bronze statues of heroes of the past, including Babe Ruth.

Yankee Stadium

The nation’s fourth biggest baseball stadium by seating capacity cost $1.5 billion to build. That explains some of the ticket prices… The design echoes that of the original stadium from 90 years ago.

Comerica Park

Visitors to the home of the Detroit Tigers can look forward to a ride on the baseball-themed Ferris wheel. Firework displays are a regular event after weekend games.

Dodger Stadium

With a capacity of 56,000, it’s the biggest stadium in the country. At 52 years it’s also one of the oldest. As always in LA, don’t try and walk there; it sits in the middle of a bunch of freeways.

Wrigley Field

The home of the Chicago Cubs is a century old, and notable for the ivy which adorns the outfield walls. If you can’t afford a ticket, there are some great rooftop viewing points nearby!

Busch Stadium

Cardinals fans get to enjoy a great view of St Louis’ Gateway Arch during games. Conversely, if you climb to the top of the Arch, you can (just about) see games for free!

Ballpark in Arlington

The Texas Rangers’ stadium is 20 years old this year and was designed along retro lines. It’s notable for the way the seating arrangements were based around ticket prices, with a high density of expensive seats around the infield. The lack of a retractable roof can lead to some sweaty Arlington afternoons…



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