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The Bobleheads of Death 

blanksI’m sure you have discussed this before, I know you have thought it. At the beginning of the year we were all upset because Adrian Gonzalez did not have a bobblehead night. At the time, the thinking was that he probably wouldn’t be around when the night came. Now, I’m starting to think that not having one may be the reason he is still with the team! And I have to ask you, how many of the players that have a bobblehead night this year will be on the team two years from now?

Eickstein – my most prized doll sports action figure. We all love him and we know the Pads play better when he is in the line-up. But ask yourself, does he still take the field in 2012 in a San Diego uniform?

Headley – most likely to be here in two years? See comments on Jed Hoyer below.

Blanks – if we see him in the big league batting order again we can be sure that the Padres have moved away from being competitive.

Richards – I really like Clayton, have high hopes he will be a fantastic #3 by next year. We’ll have to see if he can make the leap. A real favorite of the young women at Petco and his bobblehead smile lights up the bookshelf.

Cabrera – Exciting skills, fast, fast, fast, great arm. But…hasn’t moved forward from last year and now his emotional state seems to be deteriorating.

It seems that having a bobblehead night this year comes with a curse! But I think there is something else behind this – and I think it’s a good thing. Here it is: JED HOYER LIKES MAJOR LEAGUE BALL PLAYERS! There it is. I said it loud. With the two additions he made at the trade deadline we can see a visible difference in the make up of the club. The Padres look stronger and more mature (not to mention the Ludwick looks like Headley’s older brother, but that’s a different topic). I hope this is the harbinger of things to come. That Jed Hoyer looks for ballplayers to fill the roster.

This has been an exciting season to watch. And though the Padres may be a year or so ahead of where they thought they would be, it looks like major league talent is coming to San Diego. Let’s just keep them here longer by not giving them a bobblehead.



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