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The Padres Are Happy? 

Huston Street

Huston Street

It was a particularly slow day at the office and I was perusing Twitter and I happen to come across this tweet by Tom Krasovic (@UTkrasovic):

I made some remark showing my displeasure with regards to the team and then continue on with my work day. Push the fast forward button on the day to last night’s game (Friday April 12). I talked myself into going to the game, and I watched the Padres pitching give up leads to the total of 7 runs and fall to a dismal 2-8 start on the season.

I then remembered Krasovic’s tweet following the loss and started thinking, are the Padres really happy about the job that Josh Byrnes has done? Let’s review his tenure so far.

  1. Traded the Padres ace of the rotation for: A pitcher that can’t throw strikes, a catcher that got put on time out by MLB, a first baseman that may finally be developing power, and a reliever currently in AAA.
  2. Traded a Padres top prospect Anthony Rizzo for a hard throwing reliever/starter who also has a trouble finding the strike zone.
  3. Extended Huston Street, a good pitcher (in a save situation) and closer that’s on a team that has won less than 80 games the last two seasons. Oh, and he’s made of glass.
  4. Extended Carlos Quentin, a power hitter, yes, but has a knee that is about ready to give way to a 60-day DL trip.
  5. Standing pat this past off-season when it was clear as day the Padres needed starting pitching help.
  6. Not really handling Chase Headley very well by either extending or trading him when it mattered most. We, here, at The Friarhood have explained either extend or trade Chase Headley.

Despite all this, the Padres appear to be happy. Two and eight record doesn’t make me happy, though.



About the author: Brandon Cline

Mild-mannered writer disguised as a software engineer. Brandon fights for truth, justice, and the Padres Way!

  • Gloccamorra

    Do not be alarmed. Josh has a plan. That plan seems to involve sitting tight until the stream of young starting pitching starts, keeping some and trading others to fill holes, all while keeping the payroll within the owners’ preferred limits. Or it may just consist of impressing the new owners and keeping his job. Time will tell.

  • Yes Steve I get your point. The Padres may
    Have to burn this team to the ground to effectively
    Start rebuilding. New ownership traditionally will
    Not put up with an inherited management and coaching who
    Can’t walk the walk. “Smoke on the water.”

  • Tyler Negrete

    Of all of the moves Brynes has made the one that gets me the most is starting Gyorko’s service clock early. It makes absolutely no sense when the Padres don’t figure to contend this year, but look much better 6 years down the line. It was only a month he would have been out and you can’t expect him to replace Headley or Grandal in the slightest.

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