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These Aren’t The Pads You’re Looking For 

They say in the baseball business, you need a short memory. Whether you just walked a batter after getting squeezed on a called strike three or have just grounded into your second consecutive double-play, you need to clear your mind and focus on the task ahead.

This holds true for a Padres fan, especially after a 1-9 road trip to end what is usually their most successful month. So I took advantage of the off day to clear my mind of all things Padres. This worked for most of the day until my twitter went crazy late last night with some exciting news that was confirmed this morning.

The Yazman cometh.




About the author: Jeremy Nash

Lifelong Padres fan born in 1978 to two San Diegans but raised in Northern California. Aspiring artist in both traditional and digital art. Raising two children the only way I know, as San Diego Sports fans. If interested in commissioned art or prints, email me at