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Time Warner to Launch FOX Sports San Diego 

After a two year absence, Padres Baseball is finally returning to Time Warner homes across the county.

FOX Sports San Diego, along with Time Warner Cable and the San Diego Padres, announced today that the two broadcasting companies had come to an agreement for Time Warner to carry Padres games for the entire 2014 season. Prior to the agreement, Time warner Cable did not air FOX Sports San Diego or any Padres games since the network was launched back in March of 2012.

Time Warner customers will be able to tune in to FOX Sports San Diego in time for Opening Night as the Padres take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park. Ironically, the March 30th launch date for the FSSD network coincides with the national broadcast of the Padres game which will air on ESPN.

Whether or not the game would have been locally blacked out is now a question that need not be asked by Time Warner households since fans will now be able to tune in to FOX Sports on Time Warner starting at the beginning of the season.

“We’re happy for the many Padres fans who are Time Warner Cable customers who now will be able to follow their hometown baseball team on TV all season long,” said Henry Ford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, FOX Sports San Diego.  “With this agreement, Padres baseball will now be available in more homes in San Diego than ever before.”

San Diego Padres Executive Chairman Ron Follower released the following statement in support for the recent contract deal:

“The Padres are thrilled about today’s agreement between Time Warner Cable and FOX Sports San Diego. We thank our fans for their long-standing patience for the last several years. We also thank FOX Sports San Diego for their diligence in making this partnership happen. And finally, we thank Time Warner and welcome them back to the Padres family.”

Fowler continued to say “[w]e’re excited to bring San Diego Padres baseball into every home in San Diego County. We are also pleased that our broadcast will now be available for the many Padres fans in Hawaii as well. This is a great day for Padres fans everywhere.”

The channel designation for FOX Sports San Diego will be released by Time Warner at a later date, but for now Padres fans in San Diego County can let out a cheer for finally being able to view the team they love after such a long and unwelcome drought of Padres baseball.

Time Warner customers will miss out on Spring Training coverage by FSSD, however. But other cable customers will be able to tune in to FOX Sports San Diego for Spring Training coverage starting on Thursday, March 6th when the Padres take on the Texas Rangers.



About the author: Ian Edward Russell Smith

Ian is a former writer for the San Diego Padres, having worked as the Padres' "In-Season Blogger" during the 2015 season. Ian wrote as a member of the Friarhood's writing staff between parts of 2013-2015, writing over 100 articles over that span. In addition to being a writer, Ian is also a recent graduate of California Western School of Law in San Diego, having earned a Juris Doctor, as well as his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Law & Society from the University of California, Riverside. Be sure to follow Ian on Twitter (@SDRedBull8) to see what other ramblings he's posted about the Padres, San Diego, and baseball in general!