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Top 10 Reasons to Watch the Padres in 2016 

Opening day is upon us, so why not blow the dust off this old website and put a few posts up to remind you that we are still here, and that we still love you.  With that said, here are my top 10 reasons to watch the Padres in 2016, the feel good version.

10.  Jabari Blash – The Rule 5 outfielder with light tower power is now part of the Padres and although I think we can all agree he could benefit from getting everyday AB’s, his power potential is undeniable.  The questions are…  Will he always be an all or nothing hitter, and how will the Padres keep him on the roster once injuries begin.  Will be a fun story to watch.

9.  John Jay – Acquired in the Jedd Gyorko trade, Jay had an impressive spring training, and he’s going to be a free agent next year, AND the Padres top prospects Manny Margot (1), and Travis Jankowski (7) also play center.  If Jay is able to flash the same talent he did in STL, that would be a huge step in the right direction for the Padres winning games early.

8.  Dick Enberg – The HOF broadcaster will call it quits this season, regardless of how you feel about his job calling Padres games, he’s an all-time great and this will be your last chance for an “Oh my!”

7. Draft – It seems like the Padres really want us to be excited about all these draft picks,however, asking Padres fans to be excited about draft picks, is like being excited for a root canal.  It’s not that Padres fans don’t enjoy to mystery of prospects, it’s just that historically the Padres haven’t fared well in the draft, and when they have selected well, those players were traded away.  Come June the Padres will have six selections in the first 85 picks of the draft.  Cheers to that!

6.  Wil Myers – He seems to be a bit of a media darling all of the sudden.  The bounce back kid is poised to break out!  He is far and away the offensive player with the most upside on this team, and although he will be playing out of position, he won’t be asked to leadoff, which means we should see better power numbers from Myers.

5.  No hittter – After Matt Kemp hit for the cycle last year, Padres fans have new hope that no-hitter is near.  In a pitcher dominated era, and a pitchers park, AND improved defense, it could very well happen.  Throw in, Ross, Shields, and Cashner and I’d say it’s even money this season.

4. Margot, and Hedges, and Renfroe, oh my! – Three near MLB-ready prospects that we will likely see in Petco at some point this season.  Margot and Hedges playing premium positions, and Renfroe your prototypical right fielder with tons of pop.

3.  Cory Spangenberg – This is a huge year for Spangs, and my money is on him finally breaking through.  He shouldn’t have to platoon or look over his shoulder, he can just run and hit, and he will do a lot of both.  No more kid gloves, barring injury, expect Cory to have a break out season and be regarded as one of the best players on the team moving into 2017.

2. Tyson Ross – Possibly the most underrated pitcher in baseball.  After Byrnes fleeced the A’s for Tyson, Ross went out and developed into one of the most dominant starters in baseball.  The most dominating Padre since Jake Peavy.  If you can’t watch the Padres play everyday, at least make sure you have a comfortable seat when Ross toes the rubber.  It’s must see TV.

1.  Andy Green – A fresh face, a new attitude, and hope.  That is what Andy Green brings to the table.  He paid his managerial dues, and will be looked upon to not only get the most out of the vets, but to also develop young position players.  Something we haven’t seen for nearly a decade in San Diego.  Best of luck to the new skipper.



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