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Trevor Hoffman Retirement Links 

Padres_Retired_NumbersSunday August 21, 2011 will be remembered as a historic day in the Padres franchise.  Along with 40,000 passionate Padres fans, I cheered on the ceremony at Petco Park as Trevor Hoffman‘s number was offcicially retired.  The Pre-game ceremony had everything from Padres legends to a classic car.  With a huge Friarhood group in attendance for an event that fans will never forget, the #51 was unveiled on top of the batters eye in center field.  

I’m sure the press box was full on this momentous day, with that said, I wanted to pass along some links for Padres fans.

Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press writes,”In the end, the Padres threw Trevor Hoffman a changeup.”

Corey Brock from said, “PETCO Park became Area 51, as the iconic closer’s uniform number disappeared forever, retired in perpetuity by his devoted primary team as members of his original team watched and joined the tribute.”

Bill Center of the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote, “Heath Bell blew a save Sunday and called it



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