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Unknown Eater: Wings N Things 

wingsnthings logoWe all know great combinations: peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, sports and wings!  Petco has perfectly brought together the sports and wings with the addition of Wings N Things to the food selections at the park.  This delicious addition can be found behind section 109 on the field level.

The menu: similar to a visit to your favorite spot with wings, and you know, things….I found the “things” to be most appealing, as most menu items happen to be covered in my favorite condiment, buffalo sauce.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Breadstick Pizza

The only challenge I encountered on my visit was choosing which item I would try.  I opted for the grilled buffalo chicken breadstick pizza…whew, that’s a long name!  This delicious item was not short on flavor either. The breadsticks were soft and buttery, the chicken was grilled to perfection, the cheese was melty and the whole thing was slathered in buffalo sauce!  This is, by far, my favorite thing to eat at Petco Park!

Also on the menu that evening, and available at Wings N Things, was the cheddar bratwurst.  It’s your standard brat with all the peppers and onions, but the brat is infused with cheddar cheese.  This added flavor is perfect for the cheese lover who’s looking for a way to add cheese to any meal.  Also a must try!

Now added to the perfect combination list, Breadstick pizza and buffalo sauce, Cheddar cheese and bratwurst, Petco Park and Wings N Things!