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Update on Bell’s Future with Padres 

Yesterday we posted the various quotes from Jeff Moorad and Heath Bell on Bell’s contract situation after GM Jed Hoyer failed to trade Bell before the trade deadline.

Today Bell was on the Dan Patrick radio show (heard locally on XTRA Sports 1360), some of his quotes can be seen here and the entire interview can be heard here.

During the interview Bell continued to state his desire to stay in San Diego and willingness to take less money to stay.

He also mentioned the fact that it is very rare for a professional athlete to go on record that he would sign for less money then he could get elsewhere. Something he has now done several times.

SI senior baseball writer Jon Heyman today tweeted an update on the Padres thoughts of keeping Bell.

“Heath Bell seeks 3yr deal from Padres. So doubt he’d accept arbitration (1yr non guaranteed). SD has offered about $14M for 2 (years).”