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Vedder Cup!!! Vedder Cup!!! Vedder Cup!!! 

The Padres are a whopping 19 games out of first place and 21 games below .500. One would say this season is lost and there would be nothing to look forward to. But those that think that do not realize that the Padres are a mere four wins away from being champions; Vedder Cup Champions.

That’s right the Padres traveled to Seattle to start a series against their loathed “natural rivals”, The Mariners. Safeco will host the first three games of the grudge match starting Tuesday before the final three are played June 22nd through the 24th at Petco Park.

As one who believes in hopeless optimism along with blowing things out of proportion, The Vedder Cup is right up my proverbial alley. I hate the Mariners with a passion, (because Bud Selig told me so), and know that nothing would be better than rolling into the Emerald City and letting them know that the uber-talented lead singer of Pearl Jam is and forever will be, the pride of San Diego.

So my friends remember that in the battle of sun versus rain, it is the sun that will prevail and bring the Vedder Cup back home to San Diego on a double-rainbow of victory.



About the author: Jeremy Nash

Lifelong Padres fan born in 1978 to two San Diegans but raised in Northern California. Aspiring artist in both traditional and digital art. Raising two children the only way I know, as San Diego Sports fans. If interested in commissioned art or prints, email me at