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Which Friars are exceeding expectations 

Each year teams have certain expectations for each player in their organization. Those expectations obviously can vary greatly from player to player but nevertheless they are there and serve as a kind of individual goal. For example; the Angels signed Albert Pujols to a monster deal this past offseason and given the many great years of past production and his monster salary they likely expected the 1B to hit at least .300 with 30 HR and something in excess of 100 RBI. Conversely the Padres handed their starting 1B job to rookie Yonder Alonso, who had limited MLB experience. His expectations were obviously far less than Pujols but reasonable projections had him hitting .270 or so with a double-figure HR total and a bunch of doubles.

Every year some players will meet their expectations while others outperform those projections. Still others will underperform expectations. The Padres of 2012 are no different.

The Friars have been hit hard by injuries this year; particularly to their starting rotation. They



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