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Win a Chase Headley Bobblehead! 

Chase Headley Bobblehead

Chase Headley Bobblehead

We are kicking off 2013 with a great contest.  You can win a Chase Headley bobblehead if you are able to guess the amount he will make in 2013.

Headley is currently going through the arbitration process with the Padres and the two will either agree on an amount, or a judge will.  Until then, let’s have a little fun.

Chase Headley is asking for $10.3M, the Padres have countered with $7.075M.  It’s highly likely that his 2013 amount will land in between those two numbers.

I’m not going to get into the question of extending Chase or trading Chase at this moment, but you can bet I will address that very soon.

In order to be entered you simply need to leave a comment below, telling us the amount you think Chase Headley will be paid in 2013.  It’s really that easy!

Congratulations to our previous winners, Miguel and Valleri! You never know when we are going to give away something, so make sure you check back often. You will be able to enter until Friday, Feb 1st or word breaks that Headley is signed, so leave your comment and spread the word.

Terms and conditions – Winner cannot win more than once within a 30-day period. Winner is responsible for pick-up of the item or shipping costs. Winner much claim prize within 30-days or will forfeit the prize.

Keep an eye out for details about our 2013 Friarhood Membership Program.



About the author: Steve Adler

Steve is the founder of A native San Diegan, he grew up watching Dan Fouts and Tony Gwynn. A former sports talk show host, but always a fan of the Padres and Chargers.

  • $9.35 mil

  • DannyClover

    7.59 Million since that is what my clock says…

  • Gabe

    8.75 and that’s my final offer

  • 8.5 million

  • $9.15 million.

  • Mike Mock

    $11 million!

  • 8.4

  • Jose gonzalez

    8.9 mil!

  • Ivan Drago


    If it goes to an arb judge, can’t he can only choose between only one of the Pads offer or Chase’s? I also read that if that happens, the judge is likely to give him the Padres’ original offer. So that’s my real guess, or else I’d split the difference and go 8.6875

  • Sue

    9.5 Million

  • Jameskenobi

    $9.25 million dollars!

  • I say $8.65 million.

  • tpowell

    8.75 Million

  • Fernando


  • Chuck forrest

    9.75 million

  • Dean Mediano

    8.25 Million

  • Hunter C.

    9.2 million.

  • tpowell

    damn it that was taken 9.25 million

  • Jameskenobi

    I’ll say 8.83 million

  • 8.25 mil

  • 8.615 millon

  • Chris Kelly

    I’m probably not eligible, but I’ll say 9.875.

  • Savannah Barrett

    8.7 million=)

  • Jeri Beaven-Mattox

    8.872 million

  • Sd2va1977

    9.4 Million

  • 8.0 Million

  • dvmin98

    $8.35 million

  • John Y.

    8.65 mil

    • John.y


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  • Pete Sanchez

    8.95 million plus incentives!!

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  • 9.35 Million,

  • Go Inspire Beauty

    My guess:;$8,850,000. Go Padres

  • TriciaN`

    I’d go with 8.75, but with bonuses attached if he has a good a 2013 in fielding and hitting as he had during the last half of 2012, I don’t want to see Headley leave–way too many of the promising Padres have gone to other teams where they literally shine!

  • Nick Fortini

    Going with 9 mil.

  • Give the guy what he deserves. 10mil +

  • What the heck – knowing these arbitrators, it’ll go in the players’ favor. And given the season Chase had last year, I’ll say $10.3 Mil…

  • s.orozco


  • 9.25

  • Justin J

    12 mil

  • Thank you for all your entries. The amount was $8.575. Unfortunately. no one guessed the correct amount.

    • Was only $40,000 off. Not a bad guess myself. 🙂