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Would KT have pulled the trigger by now? 

Of course he would have.

This is not the old regime where Kevin Towers would go on the 10 o’clock news and tell every GM or “sources” in Baseball who and what/why and (for whom) they were exactly interested in and exactly what prospects or current players on the roster were “available”. That is NO bag on KT. AT ALL, I am just saying this regime in contrast to the former regime, is VERY hush hush on EXACTLY what they will, or will NOT do. As much as it is absolutely annoying for us fans that long for trade rumors, I think if anything it’s a good thing (to a certain degree) when all is quiet, just not dead!

I am glad Jed Hoyer does not seem to be in panic mode while in 1st place but I do believe he (the FO and Co.) will make a move IF there is mutual interest. I do not want the Padres to just make a trade to make a trade. I also think its true that Hoyer wanted/wants to make a move that was/is not “purely cosmetic”. He is hopefully (like has been pointed out before) waiting until the prices comes down, well it’s about that time.

The Padres have been linked to several players. Cory Hart, Jose Guillen, Scott Podsednik, Brett Myers, Ty Wigginton, Miguel Tejeda, Jayson Werth, Ryan Theriot, Jeff Keppinger, Jake Westbrook, Jeremy Guthrie , Edwin Jackson among others.

Hopefully Hoyer will keep his promise of not JUST making a cosmetic type deal like the Padres fans are all to accustomed to in the past. Similar moves that the financial limitations hindering (under Moores and KT) from acquiring the one “big bat”.